Civil Engineering and Building Construction

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Main Contractor

Registered on the List of Approved Contractors for Public Works under Roads and Drinage (Group B and Group C (Probation)) and Site Formation cetegories (Group B (Probation)).


Possessing different types of heavy plant and machinery and a team of experienced project management staff, we are capable of completing different civil engineering and building construction projects.

Roads and Drainage

Construction of trunk roads, carriageway, bridges, tunnels and modification of existing roads, also include landscaping works, laying of pipes and manhole construction.

Site Formation

Clearance of construction site, demolition of existing structures, reduction and stabilisation of existing slopes, and associated work, also include the establishment of fill tank for the storage of public fill materials arising from construction activities.

Building Contruction

Construction of building, mainly structural steel works, transportation and heavy lifting works,as well as construction of reinforced concrete structures.